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WTF?! Why Did the Island Let Jacob Die?

So, why Did the Island Let Jacob Die?!

Every Lost fan shoulda wondered this!

So did the bullet bounce off your head...The Island isn't through with you
yet, Michael... you still have work to do ~Mr. Friendly [Meet Kevin

    • Why did the island let Jacob die?
  • Who is 'Coming' then, since all of Jacob's "work" is done?

Ominous isnt' it. It is a known Lost fact that the island doesn't let you die; in any place in the world, in any time period if it is Not done With You. But, this is complicated by the preponderance of who was Christian working for because he's the one who told Michael that it was now time for him to go. But, it was Mr. Friendly an Other and part of Jacob's team that told him he wouldn't be um, 'released' until the island was done.

Are there really any sides. Only an island that plays both sides.


Trying web upload for Level 26


WTF?! RSS Feed Display -- idk Xmas n July

Naw, really. I've been fighting with this blasted rss feed for 2 long. It's seasonal, it's the end of July. Can some1 change to a Birthday Cake for my Sis? :~)
Hey at least it isn't a snowy christmas scene!


Grown and Going Digital


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    • Why Desmond has a Constant but is really the Variable
    • Why Daniel acted as the Constant in the episode The Variable?
    • Why MIB-uBerLocke is Not Esau?
    • (Because that would make Jacob, 'Jacob') what is the Symbolic meaning of his name?
    • Why, because he 'Touched' people, what's up with that?!


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Grown and Going Digital

In a former rant on one of these blogs, I talked about how simple it would be to have a Grown Folk Start Up Guide for some of these electronics we grown folk are or were starting to try out...

They are fun,
once you get to know them - which takes Forever.

Please understand that as we progress through life's phases things change. When I was my son's age, there were NO microwaves, cellular phones, VCRs, digital cameras, and computers were so cryptic that it was a feat that I could make almost anyone say 'Hello World'. But, when I was born, PCs did not exist...

New Show: NOVA scienceNow

Yes, just checked out NOVA scienceNow and it was the bomb...

I Love It! All those years of science in grade school; and the most exciting thing was that what Sally thought was H2O was H2SO4 or something and now she is 'no more'.

no what I just saw was SCIENCE;

Luis von Ahn was the bomb, too! I am truly impressed by a mind 'at work' and he is working it out.

More later; just wanted to capture the moment because I will definitely be checking this one out some more...

Oh, u didn't know I was so geeky? Yes, and also an amateur philosopher, tried graduate psychology for a minute, and am an endless list of confusing paradoxes.

I'm also a mom, single and pushing very close to 40. I'm shy and confident; or is that just brash and impulsive. Either way, I'm pretty popular to be so socially awkward.

Anyway, just the intro that should have come off-the-rip. Was just too shy to really come out and say it.

But, as 40 pushes in...
things just keep coming out of my mouth amongst other transitional changes starting

The bad part, my son is 11 and is having a similar phase as he is starting puberty. The things and choices that can come out of this otherwise wise and mature kid?!

Anyway, I chose to finally set up a blog for solo parents. Maybe there are others out there like me trying to feel their way through.

Maybe others who find that they are the counselor and can't find someone to try to figure their 'stuff' out with. So, be sure to check out me out in the soloparent hood over at SoloparentHood.blogspot.com
that's probably more appropriate for these thoughts


Coming Soon: Harpers Island and Harpers Globe Updates

Harpers Island Updates Will Be Coming Soon

After tonight's eastern time episode that promises googobs of death;

be sure to pop on over to Harpers Globe...

And Check Back Here for Updates to this Post

Just Getting SoloParenthood.blogspot.com Started

The Latest With Me:

Getting started with...

my new iPhone
so far, I just really want to apply the software feature updates that came out for the new 3G-S phones onto my 8GB 3G. Also fighting with iTunes to get my music and video files converted so I am not shackled to i-anything. Need to play music that I bought on an mp3 playing cell phone arghh!

Trying Tweetboard Alpha's testing. Here goes...

Yep, even going digital with my vices. Electronic cigarettes or smokeless cigs. It's my first week. Stop by my new blog -- see link below for the Solo Parent Hood...

New Blog


waiting on the newest episode of Harpers Island and Harpers Globe and, fooling with a new ARG!


Hello World

This week I am getting to know polls while I get my pages and sites organized.

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Maternity Leave

A Lot of People Have Been Participating in Summer Rewatches of LOST

I'm just watching my local channel 20 on Sundays

While rewatching Maternity Leave, a few things stuck out that didn't get my attention before...

Sun, "...a mother shouldn't leave her child"
Claire, "...Ethan?!...I want them to take him", and later in this same episode, "...we're supposed to be together, take care of one another"

Mr. Eko, "...I am once again a righteous man...I regret killing them"

Ben, "...I am being held prisoner, and I don't know why"

Each of these moments brings me to another place in the LOST story, as it unfolded for us.

Sun will leave her child to find Jin.

Claire will once again send Aaron away.

Mr. Eko may believe in confessing to God, but will not believe in confessing to deadly, judgmental manifestations of smoke and Yemi.

And, Ben will tell many, many more lies.

Each of these begs the questions:

Will Sun find Jin?

Is Claire an undead manifestation?

Why doesn't Ben realize/know that creepy Alex wasn't Alex? And, why does he get to live after causing her death? Twisted, aye?

And better yet, is all of the lying and denial of choices to folks, the reason why Jacob never wanted to meet him?

Just some food for thought:
Poll: Your Thoughts?


LOST in Color

Who's Wearing RED?!
Juliet (was)
Richard in the flashback
Ellie also wears a grey scarf (to retrieve Jughead)

Who's wearing Black?
The Black Swans are
Miles saves grey shirted Chang
Chang when Dan talks/warns him about Orchid-Swan reaction (Incident)
Radzinski's jumpsuit sounds like he survives but eventually is driven to a gory suicide at a later date; effects?
Sun in 2007

at incident Kate's jumpsuit looks blu and shirt is white
Jack's shirt is black
Chang's shirt is now grey

uber-Locke, well greyish-green
Ben is grey and white


My Actual Favorite Episodes -- Who I really Think Should Win The Cup

My final thoughts:
TLG Pt 1 and 2
Cabin Fever

what boils down to a Locke vs Ben battle of the 'tale of the origins'

and although another good view of smokey at work in Dead is Dead could not hold up with Flashes Before Your Eyes; which leaves it the hope of Desmond's potential vs. Nemesis discovery of sneaky loopholes and ...smokey's loyalties drawn into question

And again, Desmond's transformation in The Constant to TLDJB's betrayal of in what precedes our knowledge of a very personal feeling loss.


Juliet Will Be Missed

Now, that was a woman. Strong inside and out. My Hero.

Things bugging me in addition to Jules' wearing red:
  1. Why didn't uber-Bentham know where Jacob was. If he was being slick then what will he do when he emerges from the shadow of the statue and realizes that everyone knows what's up? Was Jacob the only one protected by the 'rule'? Will he kill Ben too?
  2. Smokey was not seen before 1977?
  3. Team Bram can not be Jacob's only counter-move
  4. The 'incident' will still bring the Oceanic flight to the island...
  5. Why Hurley and Sayid were not supposed to be on that Oceanic flight?
  6. Who is Christian working for?
  7. The War seems like it has already begun. How will the out of place Losties return to their own time?
  8. Will Richard now start to age?
  9. Who or what is/was really behind the Dharma Initiave?
  10. And most importantly, what will I do to entertain myself when LOST ends?

TheDO Predicts LOST

  • The Island spins at variable speeds along the vile vortice network
  • Jacob vs Nemesis = Alexander the Great and Ptolemy
  • The dimensional varying environment will be key in our characters success
  • Once Tarawet falls to pieces, so to do on-isle births
  • There will not be an actual 'looping'; the multiple dimensions or multiple points in time Always exist just like the Island is Always moving. However it is Not Linear
  • Kate will finally grow up and she is meant to be with Sawyer
  • Rose and Bernard may be the latter day adam and eve
  • Jacob has touched more people than we have seen
  • I have NO IDEA Who is Coming
  • Nemesis' plan will backfire
  • Ben doesn't win in the end; he'll still feel rejected and jealous of uber-Bentham
  • Walt is really the next leader of the Others
  • The remaining Oceanic survivors, will return in time to save Sun from uber Bentham
  • Unfortunately, Ricardo is still wearing a red shirt...

Wouldn't it be funny

to see the look on uber Bentham's face when he realizes that while he was creaming over his 'check mate' move; Jacob was 'outing' him to Ricardo and the Others at that very moment. Meaning Jacob knew nemesis' endgame move all along

If Jacob reincarnated and nemesis still had to deal with him

If they don't get back to 2007 and that's why Sun wasn't supposed to go back

Ben was not supposed to go back because he would kill Jacob

My LOST Jacob-Nemesis Theory


Jacob is the Macedonian Conqueror of the ancient world and founder of Alexandria, Alexander The Great. Perhaps, renamed Jacob.
If not, they have a lot in common. Is this why Alexander's body can not be found?

Nemesis is Ptolemy, original stealer of the body and usurper of the throne of Egypt, builder of the coastal Alexandria. While it may be suspected that Ptolemy's son moved Alexander's remains to Alexandria, perhaps everyone should be looking in the Pacific.

At most their story may parallel since the cult of Alexander was driven underground by the arrival of Christianity. And perhaps their beliefs resulted in his trip through our underworld.

Actually, they just resemble the actors from the NatGeo special but I do suspect Jacob to be from a Egyptian-Grecian era. And nemesis to be of an Egyptian-Mediterranean if not Roman era.

Any temple associated wiht him would have been ammun/ammun re; nemesis seems to resent him.
-Jacob's home decor definitely represents the cultural era of the close marriage between Egypt and Greece
-Jacob has blond hair and speaks as though he learned to write hieroglyphics
-Jacob weaves a tapestry of both Egyptian and Greek
-Jacob has or knows a secret regarding agelessness
-Jacob is protected by law; for only laws or rules have loopholes
xJacob claims that he is very much alive
xJacob has a biblical name


Observing Harper's Island Ep 7

this ep is the next morning; boat leaving that afternoon at 4
Just Observing
Danny Screaming 'oh no' in 'previously'
dana, darcy, Dan Jones in the phone that JD had, also had 'Henry Dunn' first and lname?
if its booths then he supposedly shot himself, firecrackers we knew about and haven't' we seen JD taking his medication some? but is scar significant?

oh, it's uncle Marty's phone; did he pick it up when they found him or have it all along sending the cover up txt?

  • didn't feel like being ribbed and bullied by Ben
  • last to see Kelly; her giddiness angering him
  • 'hated' Uncle Marty
  • Thomas Wellington stops the wedding
  • Booth was one of Henry's friends

Theory-killers; these are the things that kill your theory ever time...

  • Booth's death looks like accident since the 'flash' of gun powder was by him. But, the gun could have been rigged.
  • Hunter does not look like a specifically targeted victim since, he was a guest of the Pines Motel and the Chadwick Inn boat was rigged. I'm sure the killer lost no sleep over it, though.
  • the 25 suspects do not all have to be a part of the wedding party, the sheriff nor wedding planner...no one specified that it was limited to them.
  • every one's initial list of 25 aren't even the complete victim pool: Ben, Reverand Fain, Booth apparently
  • access to Inn; removed Fain for access to church; luring Madison, assumedly Shea or Katherine to room; ending up with Madison. who's room was she in, fake note slid under door
  • Inn connections: Lucy/matches, Madison/note on stationary, cc, Hunter's last boat ride, articles left in Abby's room,
  • significance of red ink?
  • Jimmy should be a target, he saw him unless guy is wearing mask? Most logically, Wakefield ended up 'whereabouts unknown' similarly to his status. That's why sheriff has been monitoring similar cases, because the guy was assumed dead?

FAR OUT Theories

  • is Abby's the sheriff's daughter? She was very young, when was Abby born? Before I go there though, how 'twisted' is this show supposed to get? Are they bold enough for Madison's fate to be over the top? Likely not.
  • Nope, looked through window first, she was deliberately 'lured', she is likely just bait to keep the remaining Wellington's on the island.
  • The money only symbolized that the same person who killed Marty was capable of rigging the boat and used it to lure the next victims into place. ie, combination of rigged gun and the perfect temptation into carelessness.
  • even with the 'have seen'/'will see' rule, we have seen flashbacks, the killer's hand, Inn employees, island residents, pictures, and many background characters
  • the plot thickens; with the conclusion of the Richard-Katherine affair, wedding event theme, my soon to be stepfather detests me, and found money story arcs wrapped up; most monetary based motives have been debunked.
  • So what lies ahead: a new kidnapping story arc and the pressure is on. The Diversion.
  • The real move is coming. With the peripheral characters out of the way, I suspect that an afternoon of terror is enough to make everyone miss that chartered ferry. Besides, Seattle isn't safe either...
  • By nightfall, I'm sure we'll be wow-ed again.

Signing Off,


P.S. There were some other thngs I noticed but I need to review a couple of things before I go there.

Until Next Time...


Just an Update

wtf?!-So far, the Lost Statue has been confirmed to be Tarawet, Jacob's fate is as yet unknown and his nemesis remains unnamed, Juliet is my hero - that's one strong woman, and I long for another TLE...

wtf-with Fringe, there is more and I am still waiting for another glyph to update in its little ARG

wtf-nowadays I am losing sleep with Harpers Globe ARG stay posted and I'll hook you up on how to get started and catch up. We're only about halfway through the Harpers Island Mystery Event and guessing this one is HARD. Yeas, almost as hard as LOSTs theorizing.

Just in case there are some people who do stop through and return every once in a while, here are some of the things bugging me...

Careful, guessing is cool but when you turn out to be right... well it feels 'spoilery'.

Anyway my wtf list:

Jacob vs Nemesis

  • So, this guy can find a loophole but had to ask Richard where Jacob is? (The same place)
  • Jacob seems more worried about who's 'coming' rather than his own state of being
  • Jacob is rather blond and seems to have 'learned' Egyptian glyphing and seems to be on a more christian side of things
  • Nemesis seems to be a bit more Bentham like in his philosophies and is likely the re-animator in the midst
  • in this context, smokey is bound by who summons but seems extremely anti-Jacob at the moment; our third party has chosen sides. P.S. has anyone seen smokey prior to '77?
  • Jacob is why our Losties are here and he didn't need no stinking Lamp Post to illuminate the Ajira flight. Kate, Sawyer were selected suspiciously young. Hurley, Sayid Jack, and Locke even more pointedly at a later time...
  • As a kid, Ben was taken to the Temple/smokey/nemesis triumvirate because if Jacob had touched him then, he wouldn't have to touch him now.
  • The 'Touch' phenom points more association toward heavenly hosts than underworld monsters and kill-everything-that-moves-one-track-minders. Only a loose association, not a declaration of angels and demons. More like powerful agents in a pre-existing hierarchy.
  • Underworlds, choices and weigh-scales; blessings and curses...here there is a third party judge, jury and executioner. The monster's trifold function is judgment (of non-Others, those outside of Jacob's protection), enforcement of law and execution of interlopers. Nemesis is the role of annub in the pic with smokey as cohort or slim possibility they are one in the same? Did Ben have to be judged by smokey because he was essentially 'banished' by the Others? Did Uber-Locke/Bentham route him there because Ben was actually clueless?
  • Jacob is synonymous with the island. Above ground, ahem, while smoke lives below, um under ground and nemesis is either manifestation or anubis role as 'in between' middle man. Is Jacob so detached from Ben's lying and manipulativeness because he believes in people making their own choices like Locke? uber-Bentham may indeed represent nemesis' ideas on the subject.

Misc. Observations

  1. The spin speed of the island + vile vortices + electromagnetic/radiactive energy DO account for time anomalies.
  2. Team Bram represent a pre-emptive play by Jacob. Is this who is coming, 'to let Ricardo know who the enemy is'? It only matters if Richard TAKES OFF that RED shirt, ya digg?
  3. I could kick Ben's -zz
  4. My guess is we'll see some fb on HOW Juliet became an Other...since, her exile may be why she's dead and I suspect that becoming an Other provides some protection. How else could they be 'safe' at the Temple with Smokey?
  5. Ben only knows what Richard has told him and the dreams nemesis sent him; Jacob never talked to him. Oh yeah, nemesis sent Locke's dreams.
  6. The manifestations: there are 3 types
  • Died on isle: Yemi, Alex same branding they did not even 'act' like the people they were
  • Ben's mom, Dan, The Black Horse-Sawyer turning into Kate's stepdad because their bodies were never physically on the isle, dead or otherwise
  • Body at disposal: Christian and Locke were dead long before manifesting on the isle. While we don't have enough clues here, Christian is a wild card but is living in the cabin, sent Locke back and did he mention 'dying' on his own. Reordered, he is the first mentioning it because it was '07 Uber Locke that told '07 Richard to tell '04 Locke so he would tell '54 Richard that Locke was sent by Jacob; when he wasn't. Christian told this to '04 Lock after all of that happened/how being he was outside of that loop.

Counter: Christian told '04 Locke to turn the DW before '07 uberLocke would have had a chance to trick him and '04/'54 Richard. I.e., tried to circumvent...

  1. O6 left
  2. Locke hides the island before leaving and he may not have turned it so far that it ended up wobbly (Christian phrased it as give it a 'little' push the second time around. Counter: Ben was too weak to give it a full turn and turned it incompletely vs overturned it). Mind you, steadying the wheel or completing the turn, stopped the time jumping.
  3. All of them may have been sent back still; because of Jacob

Point: what happened is that this faux pas enabled uberBentham-Locke to trick everyone, take Locke's body, find a loophole and 'kill-?' Jacob


  • There is more, alright the Fringe Comics will end soon and I am thinking about getting them with my gift card. Young Belly and Bishop look very interesting based on the previews of the issues.
  • I think that our Peter IS 'Peter' just another version. Ah, enough said there. I like that the Observer likes Walter so much that he breaks the rules and interferes. I think Olive just met someone else's young observer this season. Are you the same age at the same time in every dimension/version?

Harpers Island/Harpers Globe

  • the show and the arg take place during the same time period and overlap with regard to a few events like mass killings on a place called Harpers Island
  • There are many parallels; but if the killing was witnessed by young Abby and Jimmy; how did they know what the guy looked like before that. Essentially, they were told that his name was Wakefield. Did he come himself that day. I think so. Did he have an accomplice, don't know.
  • Did the sheriff really kill him; heckie no. He said that and probably brought a body in or the coroner helped him select one. After all, what is the number one horror rule of small towns: cover it up and keep it secret, duh.
  • Those things we don't talk about; figured Wakefield was a flash from Abby's mom's past, figured the killer was a 'stalker' type from the HG style.
  • I also believe the show was written in an 'open' format, like the original Clue there are many possibilities. The solution shapes up based on the combination of clues/answers for the rounds of each game.
  • There is overlap but serial killers recruit accomplices all the time. Albeit, the sheriff's archives, reads 'am coming for you' all over it. How did young HG's Robin catch his attention, hmm?
  • JD is too obvious a choice, all of the incidents could be attributed to more than one source.
  • Who said that the 'wedding' party and sheriff were the ONLY candidates for the suspect list: we assumed that.
  • Anyone not autopsied or verified are potentially suspect
  • "We're Leaving", oh no you're not: The guys and Henry are tethered by Malcolm and the sisters Wellington by Madison's disappearance. Abby is probably tired of running and missing her dad. Robing will be looking for Brent.
  • Grab hold of your hats, we're about to take off now... and, where's Cal and Chloe


LOST CLUES: What's in a Name

Maybe it's time to take another look at some of the subtleties behind some of our characters names

Philisophically speaking:
Hume and Desmond's role (Why Hawking thought; Hume-on the button-no 815 crash)
Locke vs Bentham and Widmore's take on it (what irony does he see from his perspective?)

Self fulfilling Prophecy is Destiny?
Hawking determined Dan's destiny because he showed up physicist-with journal-future knowledge. She sent him back because at some point she 'believed' she had no choice.

Richard attempts to recruit Locke as the next leader because Uber Locke-with the compass-made him start looking in fifty-six. Oddly enough, there was some semblance of recall in little Locke's monster image and selection of items.

Ben and Widmore are not on the same side; Bram and silver box crew are obviously Ben's men. Caveat, Widmore could have simply taken credit for the fake crash to convince Daniel. But likely, the final word was spoken and that it is what it is, Widmore-with the graves-and a little fun with findeightonefivedotcom

So Locke left and Bentham returned?


What Happened Happened vs. The Variability of Black Swan Theory

Who said that the two are mutually exclusive
Lost presents us with 'real' characters struggling in 'real world' circumstances. The magical isle is not hidden, it is the things that it exposes you to that are. Facing it is the wonderment of our character arcs.
The characters grow and with that their choices are affected. Certainly, the major events happened. It has been proven to us that characters were born at a point, or intersection of times and were children and grew, experienced life up to the age they are in 2007/2008. That doesn't tell us much though?

Lost Clues
The biggest clue lies as much in the similarity as it does the differences:
'07-Uber Locke has flipped the script and no one knows it? If Richard tries to 'seal' him because they can't kill him then the circle of angry folk trying to hurt him will be the Others incited by Richard/Ben protect the Jacob myth.

Assuming Locke's interpretation of what the 'island told him to do' is correct,
Locke and Ben are not on the same side; the island never talked to Ben
Locke and Richard may not be on the same side; why are they not in agreement
Richard's use of the island and Jacob was not synonymous; Jacob may work for the island. The Fact that there is an ashen seal around Jacob may mean that he is involuntarily sealed.
Summoning of smokey; smokey judged Ben based on the rules and if it wanted to save her it would have. And smokey's judging seems based on rules moreso than reality, but I could be wrong. As judge, protector and executioner; the smokey triumverate reports to someone or somebeing, and so does Jacob. Richard is the most likely suspect.

The ash ring could have summoned Jacob. Were there any smokey sightings before 1977? I suspected that an incident brought smokey through a portal from ancient time; however it got sucked there in the first place and is 'bound' as opposed to sealed in the subterranean temple basement and the additon of hydrogen to muted wild isle emag energy brings some more unpredictable results, too.

Anyway, Locke is dead and different. He is a black swan. Is the same but now 'ready' and Richard never bargained for this? Is Ben bound by smokeyAlex's orders which addressed not 'trying' to kill Locke which covers getting other people to do it. Either way, Locke was guided to things the same as before his untimely demise.

Is locke richard's replacement, uh oh?

We may have been shown that the order for Alex's death is somehting that Widmore was led to believe came from the all allusive 'Jacob'. Reminds me of a rigged seance session?

Is Richard a bad guy or is he stumbling because he can only read clues? Our defector survivor of a statue/temple/glyph heavy civilization and agelessness indicate that holds many keys to the direction of things here.

Desmond is right they are all being used like pawns but, the island does seem to have some really peculiar powers. The powers are real but there are many flawed, human manipulations through myth and spin, both innocent and deliberate. But many are just working off of clues as signs and personal experience. And, their judgments are a flawed as their characters

Harpers Island Clues - wtf?-No One's Blogging About the Clues?

Dag! Just like with Lost and Fringe, I get caught up in the characters' story arcs and overwhelming story twists and turns that I forget to focus on The CLUES.

Harpers Island Clues
Like many, I have to agree that I don't expect the starring characters to expire too quickly. Not that many, anyway. Sacrificing more than one or two for shock effect would exhaust those quickly. Also, they correspond to the main characters of the story; the bride and groom, Abby who is one of a few links between the 'Wakefield murders' and the Chadwyck Inn/island as the wedding setting.
A store had been broken into and a 'head?' spade taken,
Marty's murder was covered up via text and his gun returned to the money bag (if Marty hid it on the boat, then how did the killer know about the money and that it was hidden on the boat -- well, from when placing the booby trap on that little Candlewick Inn boat? Won't the Coast Guard be looking for that missing craft?)

The killer 'rigs' deadly booby traps, too. Note fully, killer would need not be present to win.

Motive, What Motive
What motives lie in the hearts of men:
The brother in law is dark, sneaky, and pervy. Pretty sure, he pulled the pool canvas move. He and the Mrs-not his, may be in cahoots over the usual suspect; greed?

Greed is the largest motivator unless these events are 'serial'. In which case the most likely are the more 'unstable' characters.

Same killer as seven years ago; a 'real' link, or one or two people with incentive to benefit from it in some way?

'25 suspects' ? Who all makes 25 -- does that include additional choices as in Wakefield, he didn't die
Mr. Wellington just hates Henry (and Ben) that much? Think about it family biz; Richard and his conniving wife can spare he and his eldest any more pain. And Ben, he was an a-hole it seems from the Harpers Globe vid.
Did Marty rob Wellington's bank? lol
Some other people slid one or two in, during that same time period? You know with all of the blackmail, cheating, beating, girl stealing, hard feelings, medication, anger issues, and creepy spirit messages floating around?
Maybe, someone has snapped and we just don't know it? The 'least obvious' award goes to... Henry and Abby.

Are you up on...

Harpers Globe Clues
Ben ran into Brent and Harpers Globe star Robin late the night before. Cousin Ben Wellington, under the boat, with the propeller found himself in quite the predicament as the wedding party departed dock from Seattle.
At least Robin, the newspaper 'clerk' who explained to Harpers Island patron Abby that she had no idea who had ordered all of the Wakefield articles and never picked them up?

Right, who had motive to order them and what prevented them from picking them up? There sure have been plenty at Abby's hotel room, and addressed to the Sheriff at Kelly Seavers' crime scene.

And, what about 'red' ink?


The Mystery that is Richard Alpert or Ram Dass or R.A.

Oh I'm Not Here for That, I'm Here to Kill Jacob
Oh, although I had some guesses at it, Richard behind Jacob's ashen seal. The 'seal' like ring of ashes predates the cabin built buy Horace, whose ghostlike form stated, built it where he was 'told' to build it.

Richard has 'Jacob' synonymously with 'the island', and although we fell for it contradictory possibilities remain. As a Naruto Fan, that ring of ash definitely looks like a seal. Seals, summoning bowls with holes, grates, caves with wheel shaped contraptions. There was already an ancient network of machines to exploit, contain and utilize the island's mysterious natural, or rather supernatural network.

The facades of modern mili-scientific exploitation is simply built atop an ancient installation of parallel function.

While There Is Room For Many Twists and Turns
I will be surprised if there is really a Jacob, if there is, he was double crossed by Richard. Don't get me wrong, I still love Richard, just know that I used have a thing for bad boys. Ben, Richard and Widmore, even Ellie all make me wonder, 'who is zooming whom'?

Note: the island talks to Locke via our good old Christian Shephard and uber Claire, through dreams and other mind altered states. I believe smokey's master has powers of its own and although ancient, is still very much at work.

But While We Await the Incident,
We Are Left To Wonder About The War
So, why would Richard feel like Locke may be trouble? More importantly, why would it coincide with Ben's compulsion to eliminate the trouble?
The problem is, smokey disagrees and that is where Ben went to be judged. Judge, Jury and Executioner; who does smokey work for? Why is Jacob sealed; who double crossed him, or is he using Christian Shepherd and other reanimated to go to war?
Most of these events happened and figuratively, always happened; What Happened, Happened. Dan had to be born before he could become the adult time travelling physicist that he was. sob. There are only 'specific' windows of opportunity, alright:
  • '07-UberJohnLocke's general set this series of events in motion: sets '07-Richard up to send message (compass) to '04-Locke to have '54-Richard select Locke as a 'leader'. Richard, who thinks he is so in control right now was actually 'set up' by the very 'different' Locke who is seeming to be such a problem. smile Hence, the 'Dead is Dead', Locke is not Locke or he wouldn't be playing Sun like he is.
  • '07-Daniel sets a series of events in motion when he takes his uber journal to '77. This leads Ellie to take clues as to his 'destiny'. The chicken or the egg, Ellie believes he is supposed to be physicist because he is a physicist. But, are we being to hard on '04-Hawking who may possibly have tried to save Daniel. After all, if Desmond had of continued to push the button, 815 would not have crashed since it seems to her that Daniel came with Kate and Jack.
  • Ms. Hawking- my guess is that, based on clues or signs, only knew of Daniel's FDW/DW travel adventures, not his self experimentation. The island 'saving' him is what she was counting on? Or is Desmond's whereabouts and the island's needs the very thing that outweighs her love for her child. For Daniel not to have an accent, he either grew up in the states, on the island or not around Ellie until she shows up to kill his chances at being a child prodigy concert pianist?
  • Everything is not destiny; only the framework. In this, the island may be the 'regulator'. It certainly regulates death; you can't until it is done with you. But, how does it get it's hooks into you; how does it get inside your head like that?
  • The rest are choices; major events like births, wars, incidents must ALL happen. Perhaps though, for example, Daniel's interference reduces the damage or negative impact. At that point, factor in the natural properties of 'course correction'; '77 built so much animosity and fear with invaders, evacuations and explosions that the Purge is merely course correction rather than a major event. Another example, Sawyer was likely going to return to save the other survivors but he 'could have' chosen Juliet in his innermost heart of hearts vs googling secret past lover energy vibe in Kate's presence.
  • Miles was a baby evacuated from the island before he becomes the adult ghostbuster who confirms that the evacuation must happen. The evacuation 'always happened' and now we know why no children were there during the Purge. And Purge or no Purge, after that why couldn't the island be found?
  • Dan's interference and Locke's assasination if both succeed; how will events change? The Processing Center sign points to a much more recent DI demise
  • Also, I have suspected that Locke's death/resurrection may mean that he is to replace Richard's position. If Ben wasn't lying, the role of Advisor now seems to moreso fit Locke. But it nags me about how Widmore would know that Locke would be an integral part and Ellie know that he had to go back? There are definitely some things we Don't Know. There is more to that part of the story.
  • If the 'island' tells Locke things and never told Ben anything, then Ben and Locke are indeed on different sides. Within the same org is the question? Factions may be appropo. And Locke's side of the faction is becoming a problem for Richard and Ben's.
  • Ben and Ellie were also duped into buying into the Jacob thing. Things will be further complicated if Jacob shows up on mainland '70s as rumored. He was free at some point, and now trapped?
  • Black swan, I mean black shirt Sayid and black tanked Ellie seem to be on board with the erase the past three years.



It would seem that Darlton is ready for us to begin cracking the glyphs.

Check lostpedia.com to get a good start on what is written on Ben's secret wardrobe door. That one has been reasonably solved.

Check out the ODI's site at ODI.blogspot.com or ODI.com, his podcasts are great too.

The space time travel and ancient times indications are most rewarding.

But the BEST part is that the classroom chalkboard screencaps at lost.cubit.net have been started on Sledgeweb's site. These specifically indicate that the Dharma kids were learning how to read the glyphs. But, poor Ben may have missed class since he's well, missing. They reference the egyptian language and what these ancients called their language.

More specifically, the hieroglyphics can be solved by first viewing the screencaps and Sledgewebs' at lost.cubit.net are very good.

After searching wikipedia for a good while, I found what these glyphs meant. Since, Darlton has pointed us in the right direction, let the collaboration begin!


wtf...When Truth Fits

And on Lost, our characters certainly will, inevitably, face the truth.

Review Darlton's guidelines
List Time Travel rules
Rewatch, does the story seem different now...
My LOST To Do List

I would like to enhance my initial theory with the story that is being told, not the one that takes on a 'course' of its own in my head every week between episodes.

Every line revealing, every step of personal growth grueling, survival at its most intense is what is most amazing. But certainly not second to the brilliant storytelling mechanisms so well used.

Thus, sets the framework for the saga that unfolds. Some 'special' people are lured into a hotspot along the vile vortices that represent areas where the natural properties of the earth itself behave differently. Emit variations in its natural energies. This is important, as it enables the stretch of scientific theory and experimentation, philosophy of free will, and the implications of the existence of destiny.

Saying all that to say is that LOST is a kicka-- story, that seems to be well, unique. Acknowledging its past in step with the island's, everything is connected, built upon, evolves...or dies. And little is different here.

For some the island is death (TIID), for some healing, and for others it is home. And for one, it may be resurrection? Would it be better to be reincarnation than resurrection? Are the eerie undertones that surface periodically in refurbished John Locke's voice the foreshadowing that they appear to be?

Ben: our was gonna be a trip, either way it goes, top con man and master of deception could not summon that-which-they-do-not-name because he was no longer the 'leader'? How did Ben pass judgment; was he 'sorry' to it or to Alex? I believe that the apology to Alex was sincere, since his weakness toward children has been confirmed (Danielle and Alex, Penny and little Charlie, 'takin any pregnant women' before torching the Losties beach camp).

But, Locke says '...well if everything you did was in the interest of the island, then you will be forgiven' and Ben did choose the island over Alex, then the island had no beef with those actions. After all, it had already tried to execute the mom to be by 'possessing' her fiance? Face it, it wanted them dead and Widmore didn't have the heart to be a baby killer either.

The year of Widmore's exile could be explained, following the guidelines, as such:

Alex appears to be anywhere from 4 to 6 years old, born in 1988, would make it 1994, at the latest.

We have always known that as earlier as 1996 when Desmond was marooned and the Black Rock journal is purchased at auction, that Widmore was attempting to find the island.

We know that we have seen Richard off the island all along. But, Richard is unique (doesn't age) and is not likely subject to the spacetime issues in quite the same way.

But, ultimately it won't matter if 20 years of Widmore looking for the island is a mistake or just doesn't seem to make sense because we also know that time moves differently on the island. The bigger question may be who told Miles (did he read Wid's mind like he seemed to read Michael's on the freighter?); or did a dead person tell him about the three point two milion dollars and that Widmore has been trying for so long to find the island?

Widmore definitely seems to have planted Ilana and the real elephant in the room...the big silver box. Why does no one inquire about this?

So, our characters were selected by the island. It can move, judge, execute or forgive, and give orders. And it needs protecting. Our Dharmaville guests are no accident but so far no cues as to what their roles will be once the road to redemption has been paved.

The Hiearchy
The 'real' power behind the throne and the top of the chain of command, the Island.

The resident powers-that-be; remnants of ancient cultures and entities that can summon body snatching judge-guard-enforcer triumverate smokey. Are these forces at odds; or do they have their own roles to play in 'protecting the island'?

Used synonymously with the 'island' Jacob heals, saves and uses, summons both people and cerebus. He seems to send signs as to who is to lead the others.

The summoned three part smokey is likely the next, but I suspect that the power brances here. Checks and balances, brutha.

Here is where the watcher comes in, Richard the immortal. He does not answer to the Other's leaders. But, he answers to someone, they all do. Having selected Ben and Locke, based on signs, it is only an assumption that he chose Charles and Ellie. He also allows them autonomy.

As of DID we have seen both he and Locke eat and drink. One thing, Locke assumes that he is to be the new leader. I previously thought he was mistaken, that he is meant to be a Watcher, like Richard and that Walt in all his mysterious specialness or baby Aaron will be tested for leadership next? And, they still may...

Now, brings us to Christian who because he is a no eating, no drinking ghost who hasn't claimed to feel alive, says that he reports directly to Jacob. A branch? Is Locke Richard's replacement? It wouldn't have to be a bad thing, just an 'its time' thing.

Who's zooming whom? Who remembered what little bit about whom? I think that my guesses won't be close until the end of this season.

How do you think season 5 will end?



What I Think Is Going On, On LOST
I have always thought that LOST is where our castaways' lives intersect the Story of the Island. We can safely believe that what we have seen happen, has happened. The key here, is that it happens in the order that we see it happening.

  • The Island is Always Moving, randomly
  • The Island moves through Space and Time
  • the Energy under the FDW/Well/Statue's Shadow can move it unpredictably
  • The Island brought the O6 back to 1977; Walt and Aaron's presence requested may be significant, as well.
  • The Island has wishes and communicates them

And, finally The LOST Universe is all about 'course correction' and the 'protection' of the Island.

Consider, my translation of course correction: changes (correction) of the path (course). Hence, my first argument that there are some, if small, changes happening before our eyes. Although most things are continuity, of course, some are not.

The Temple

Under their temple lies some weird tri-phosporous judge-enforcer-executioner. hieroglyphics of annubis bowing to some electrified being etched above a metal grate below the basement floor. Some leftover statue people madness. Of course, fooling with energy and beings too powerful to be controlled. It is probably safe to assume that the frozen donkey wheel (FDW) was constructed, at this point, as well.

The cave-like 'Tomb of Limitless Energy', below the FDW likely predates even, smokey's and annubis' conception. The electromagnetic energy likely moderates or at least affects the vortice-stargate-motions of our Isle.

This provides the 'means for change' or rather the possibility of it.

But Let's Get to the Point -- The Changes

It is looking like, choices not made in the 'interest of the isle' turn out poorly. Maybe the isle is part of some energy that 'knows best' or is a purely selfish entity?

'Jacob' is often used synonymously with 'island' and, often communicates what it wants. Sometimes through 'Cabin conference calls' and sometimes through signs. Signs like, making you 'see dead people', or just not letting you die. Even when you want to.

So, what do we know so far? That Richard only 'reads' signs, can enter the Temple, and does not report to the Others' leaders. He seems to report to Jacob. And Locke seemed to have been both he and Charles' choice to give the 'are you our leader yet' examination which young Locke promptly fails because he hadn't made it to the point in his 'parallel' present of 'retiring them there knives' yet. This points out that Richard, who we have now seen eating and drinking, is the only one who we know doesn't age yet. Locke may not age either, but that remains to be seen.

Hence, the second argument that changes are occurring, 'the Island chooses who it chooses' - Richard Alpert, (DID). And, as Darlton says, "what we've seen happen, happened. But, we haven't seen it all yet. Our perspective became non-linear once we crashed on this mysterious isle. There is no 'thread' of time.

Is Locke Resurrected or Possessed?

Did the island bring the O6 back to 'course correct' a few things; their disruption of the signal blockers, emission of electromagnetic energy pulses/implosions, and satellite phone calls definitely led to the Rousseaus' demise and the subsequent judgment of Ben.

The island draws people to it, allows or disallows return, heals, kills, makes choices and manipulates events. The frequency at which it operates is below detection of sight, it communicates on sub-conscious levels. The island, part of the universe is triggering small changes in the paths of those it uses to lead its people, watch over it, eliminate threats, and as it seems, resurrects.

How did Richard know that Locke would have to die to return?

the eerie, almost 'possessed' sound of John Locke's voice was like, whoa! Much like Christian's, who has been helping Locke. But, Jacob also asked for Locke's help. We get the sense of two sides at odds, but are both the island/Jacob and smokey/temple entity using memories and dead bodies to manifest orders to our soldiers.

Why didn't Ben?

Should we be wondering why Ben could return, alive when Locke nor Widmore were? Is Ben alive? Technically, is Locke really alive?

If I had to guess; Richard chose to save Ben, Ben chose to save Alex, the island chose to save Locke. Did Locke choose himself to lead the Others? I suspect so. Either,

Richard ALWAYS visited Locke at birth, tested him at age 5, and lured him with science camp at 16. And, is now taking advantage of Widmore placing him on that plane which could also be coincidence because it was 'time'.


My theory so far is wrong because the events that were shown to us were already triggered, because of what we see now. Richard's 'new memory' of Locke in 1956 was why we 'saw' him visit Locke's birth before us 'seeing' him receive the compass from adult Locke. Locke didn't get the compass until 2004. Since, there is no thread, the order could be either narrative or the order in which it happened.

The Tidiest Theory

The tidiest explanation is that Richard always visits Locke at birth, Locke giving him the compass has always been why. Ignoring the timing of it, it makes sense. Unless the island manipulated changes by getting to Ben earlier, choosing Locke at an older age, allowing Widmore to live, letting Alex die at an older age instead of an infant...


LOST S5 'Dead Is Dead'

Recap: Dead Is Dead

I’ve been traveling on this road too long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me is Dead and gone...

I absolutely LOVE Ben-centric episodes.

And, in Dead is Dead, Ben does not disappoint.

From the Cradle to the Grave,
Life ain't never been easy …

Ben wakes up, from a possible ‘new’ memory, to see Locke. In spite of his surprise to see, none other than the island-resurrected John Locke welcoming him ‘back to the land of the living’; Ben seems determined to test whether or not, John can be killed, again.

Let’s highlight the flashbacks first, since it is the next morning, I am at work and new software has blocked me from streaming and reviewing what is now one of my all time favorite episodes. I am also blocked from ODI’s podcasts (been mad for a week now) and although it may have shown up on Comcast On Demand by now, I was running late this morning and rushed by an 11 year old boy who needed to ‘get to school on time to whoop butt in the weekly 5th grade Math Facts competition’ and ‘…you know I was kinda late, last time…’.

So, this, my first official recap, is dedicated to
puberty. That wonderful thing that we never recover from. And, speaking of ‘growing up’, how are our cast members doing on their journey to maturity, growth, service and redemption?

It would take a whole other post to tackle the issue of the island and children, bad fathers and Ben’s inherent ‘evil’ or ‘goodness’. So, let’s suffice to say that all we know right now is that Ben’s innocence was lost and some major choices were made for him in WH,H…

Now, tell me are you scared of the dark …
I close my eyes I see visions…

I do suspect that the how of Ben becoming an Other, and possibly the when became a slightly new dream-vision-memory of Adult Ben. The unconscious state of dreaming probably allows seamless transmission of the memory from when it happens. Remember that time may not even really be a ‘straight line’ in real life and it certainly appears not to be in the Lost world. But more on that another time, as it is a theory.

From the Cradle to the Grave,
I’m glad to say, I made it this far...
I’m steady lost in this,
land, that’s a war zone
Got no home, Don’t have no friends neither...

I almost feel sympathy for Ben. Even though the wonderful scene stealing of Locke kept my perspective grounded with some great comments. Locke’s the ‘cool’ kid now and has more ‘character’ than ever. His presence makes me constantly question Widmore and Ben’s ‘meanness’.

From the Cradle to the Grave,

Whether it’s the ghetto or the island; the hopelessness of circumstances, the lives we don’t get to choose…
As Eko found out, judgment is inevitable. Smokey’s judgment for him led to Smokey-enforcer to send Eko to be judged by his own God.

For Ben, smoke-judge has different plans.

In these FB (flashback) scenes:

Life ain't never been easy
A rainy day, my momma gave birth to a baby boy trapped in hell on earth

Ben’s possible new memory (initial conversation with Widmore, at age 12)

Not 17 anymore, Widmore comes riding up on a great steed, and he is HOT. Who is this BOY?!
Angry Widmore: ‘you took him to our Temple??!!!’
Richard Alpert to Widmore: ‘you know the island picks’ and ‘Jacob said... '.
Widmore to Ben: ‘you will have to return (to D. I.) …but, you’ll still be one of us’

Hmm, did Jacob give Ra the heads up and that is why he ‘suddenly appeared on cue’ in WH, H or does Richard just read the signs from the island, um ‘Jacob’. i.e., if you ‘see dead people’, ‘can communicate with Jacob’, or are healed by the ‘island’.

At this point, one has to wonder about my predominant theory that what happens will happen (WH, H) but how it happens can vary. We don’t know yet, if Ben always came to be an Other at the tender age of 12 or if he was older um, ‘last time’. In a separate posting I will attempt to evaluate ‘what we know’ but Ben does look as if he has awakened from a new memory, much like Desmond’s it could just be an excerpt of the ‘different’ or ‘changed’ portion. Again, Ben DID Always become an Other but was his first conversation with Widmore always precisely at age 12.

It may be safe to assume that either 1) he was patient and if taken to the Temple it was an ‘acceptance’ ritual at an older age, or 2) he was always injured at a young age and therefore taken to the Temple for recovery, or 3) Sayid always shot him at the age of 12?

Somehow though, I can’t shake the feeling that much like Desmond intimated, the Oceanic 815 survivors, Desmond, Ajira flight passengers and pilot, freighter passengers may be somewhat ‘NEW’ Introductions to our story, which is actually THE ISLAND’S STORY. They are really PAWNS, moves to be played in some kind of ancient chess game.

I hesitate here, but if they were always Dharma, and Widmore made Ben return to DI, then why doesn’t Ben remember them. However, counter that with Ben does not receive ‘new’ memories of them.

Therefore, I do believe that a War is coming but the threat is as yet, unidentified. (Lost from the Island’s Perspective -- Next)

Meanwhile, in other ‘FB News’:

From day one it wasn’t fun

In a game filled with pain, it’s an f-ing shame

It’s f-d up…gotta grow up doing dirt

Widmore is a lot older, so is Ben and adolescent Ethan.
Widmore: ‘I said to kill the girl (16 year old Danielle) and kill ‘it’’ (infant Alex Rousseau)
Me: Whoa! (I thought shooting a kid was bad, but killing babies!)
Ben: ‘…to protect the isle…is that what Jacob wants?!’

In summary, Ben’s flashbacks continue from his disobedience in saving Rousseau and Alex, to Widmore’s banishment.

Some notable comments are made by Widmore as Ben comes to say his ‘good-byes’:
“Alex will live until the island lets her die”
“You will stand in my shoes someday”
“You can’t fight the inevitable, boy”

There is also growing tension between RA and Ben (note the FB when Ben is pushing Alex is on the swing).

Note: ‘Jacob’ is often used synonymously with ‘island’ by RA (Richard Alpert) and the Others throughout many conversations.

RA also speaks often about ‘justice’, ‘everyone answers to someone’, ‘rules’, and ‘what Jacob wants’. There has been a consensus about following the island’s rules or ‘the rules’ (-Bea Klugh/Mikhail, RA, Ben, Widmore, Ms. Hawking).

Ben has returned to be judged…
And, spin more stories.
Shortly after attempting to set our Ajira 316 leader up to kill Locke, Ben is presented with the million dollar question, “Why did you kill me?”

The Dark Side

Time’s moving fast
will I last another day
Did I sell my soul, as a young kid,
all the things I did?

wishing someone help me but they never did

Lord, Help me,
guide me, save me,

‘cause that’s the way that daddy raised me,

RA (Richard Alpert)…
“He will never be the same, he won’t remember this, his innocence will be gone, and he will always be one of us”

One thing puzzles me, ‘my brutha’; Ben kills again, on his way to be judged. This let me know that the deeds that he was to be judged for were likely specific. It was not all of the ‘killing’ but actions ‘not in the best interest of the isle’. The significance of this being:
Ben stole Alex when he was supposed to kill her…

Do or die … Pull the

It’s me against the world
Nobody cares

murder on my mind

While the island is not done with Widmore (he can not be killed),
But does not have a problem with Widmore’s associates being executed
But did allow Penny to live?

I got nothing to lose, paying dues
One in the chamber for the anger built (up) inside

So what’s one more murder? Cesar is an interloper, or the last of Widmore’s men?

This section should probably be titled,

‘The Parallel’

How long will They Mourn Me?

I’m trying hard to make amends
But I’m losing all my … friends

You know Life’s an f-ing trip, and everybody’s gotta go

enough to make you crazy; it’s f-ing with my dome
You only live once …
Had it bad since the day of my … birth

But when I’m dead and gone,
How long will ya mourn me?


L O N G L I V E L O C K E!

That part of me left yesterday
The heart of me is strong today
No Regrets, I’m blessed to say
The ‘old me’:

dead, and gone away

Yes! It was further implied that ‘Lazarus had risen from the grave. This weekend I will make a case for why I am sure that Locke has been resurrected. Even Ben sounds sincere when he admits to Sun that he has never seen that happen before. Did I actually hear that sinking feeling in his gut? That same one he felt at Jacob’s Cabin, the Dharma grave twice, inside the Orchid station, and at Locke’s hotel room. Locke’s journey may have been about more than we thought…

Widmore’s Exile
Among the violations alluded to in Ben and Widmore’s FB conversation:
Coming and going as he pleased
Fathering a child off island
With and outsider (do they all go through a Temple ritual?)

And the question of, did the island really want Alex dead?
Why this is possible, Rousseau’s fiancĂ©/husband tried to was it phrased as ‘protect our baby’ either way, he tried to kill Rousseau before that baby was born. Hmmm, why doesn’t the island want any more new babies? I suspect that there will be more about Ethan (see my theory on who’s special and why). One of our ‘unique’ characters; what makes him unique is being both conceived and born on the island. I do have theory on why those with certain unique combinations of circumstances have some unique experiences and um, powers or potential.

Anyway, this would have been the island’s second time trying to kill Rousseau and therefore, Keamy’s team was able to kill them both.

What’s the Matter with
Your Mind?
Learn How to Live,
Or You Learn How to Die
Either kill or
be a killer

I *Heart* Desmond!

So, what happened to Penny? Two very important revelations come from Ben’s phone call to Widmore.

Widmore asks Ben: ‘what makes him think that the island will let him return’, when he himself has been trying for 20 years.

Ben: I’m still going to kill your daughter.

But, as we find out I *heart* Desmond, he is not about to let that happen…
After a gunshot wound courtesy Ben’s sizeable sidearm. Ben has a hesitation upon seeing young Charlie Hume. Unable to sentence little Charlie to a motherless childhood, Desmond Hume ‘flies’ out of nowhere, kicks Ben’s arse and deposits him properly into the water, sodding bloody nose and all.

And, fittingly so. Apology deserved, Ben.

‘The Humbling of Ben’

I’ve been traveling on this road too long
Just trying to find my way back home

Swallowed that pill called pride,
That ‘new’ me’ll be alright

And then, he cried…

Several experiences seem to be humbling Ben, beginning with the botched turning of the wheel. Shaken by Alex’s death, Ben assumed that he should be the one to turn the wheel. As we find out later, this was not the case.
∆ Apprehension about being ‘judged’ was his motive to not trick Locke into turning wheel in the first place
∆ As Locke so directly and sincerely puts it, ‘now you know what it was like to be me’.

That-which-the-Others-have-no-name for has clickety-clacked its judgment on Ben. The lightest grey member of the Smoke-monster-triumvirate, that is. Much like Eko, the ‘snapshots’ reviewed by Smokey-nicest centered on the closest relationship, what drives the man. For Eko, his many decisions that impacted Yemi’s life. From the single event that initially saved Yemi and Alex (for Ben), to a long list of subsequent actions that hurt the person dearest to them.

At which point, Creepy Alex, quickly moves Ben further along the path of humility and service after telling the bastard to

“Follow Locke’s orders’
“Follow him”

“I know that you have been planning to kill Locke AGAIN…”
“Do Not so much as harm him”

This was the most telling moment of the night. Apparently, Alex flashbacks were not all that Smokey-lightest reviewed or knew…

The beginning is an ending, am I just a slave?

So I got to be brave
From the cradle to the grave


When it comes to LOST, what is The Truth

Predators and Protectors
The Others
The 'original inhabitants'
The off-island network,

They all proclaim to 'protect the island'...
Are some or is one, a 'predator' in disquise?

Before war, you
have identified a threat
draw battle lines
enlist soldiers
finalize battle plans or 'preparation'

and then, you await the inevitable...

War is in the Air

Our Guides:
Ms. Hawking - Desmond mush push the button and then activate the fail safe I propose that controlled containment of the island's electromagnetic discharge for a certain time period was needed to influence either how the island was moving through space/time and activating the fail safe also served it's purpose in resetting the island's player.

Knew of the fail safe event years before it happened in time, but right after it actually had happened.

'The island is Always Moving'

'It will be unpredictable if they do not ALL return'

Daniel Faraday - '...It's like a record spinning...or, skipping'
(Theresa survives mind jumping, Desmond survived and stopped it by using a constant, Locke's moving the FDW stopped the on island time jumping)

Did the 'last four' episode rewatch limit ALWAYS apply to LOST?

just wondering because after listening to Darlton's latest podcast, I want to rewatch season 5's first episode

...and I'm paranoid apparently


LOST- Major Events That I Suspect Are Meant to Happen...

The MAJOR Events Are SUPPOSED TO Happen

The Island's creation

The Volcano


The DI

The end of DI

The Coming War

Mainly, the Purge and the Coming War are likely Destined to happen, along with key events to trigger them or bring them about.

All Roads Lead to the Purge
All Roads from the fifties to present...

the military discovery of the island around 1953/1954(dated picture in Lamppost, the presence of Jughead)

construction of the Lamp Post to go/return to the island through 'random' windows

the Dharma Initiative
Ethan, the cabin built by Horace and now used by Jacob, Ben the current leader of the others who along with R. A. and the off-isle network watch, influence and manipulate a number of events to arrive at each of these events is all we know.

the Purge, which was possibly originally a D.I. 'Plan B' like Keamy's 'Torch Protocol', may have been triggered or used by questionable state of mind, Ben. This could easily be a decision that Ben may have used to trick Widmore and get himself exiled based on violation of Island/Other rules.

The Coming War may be a New Saga
The Final Chapter may lie in the DI/Purge chapter being reworked to prep for a newer, more powerful threat. Consider:

large off-isle network maintained all of these decades
Widmore and Alpert's convictions of the
Island sending certain individuals to the past and not others
seriousness of
...protecting the island And respecting the rules and hierarchy, the order of things...

Ben, however is the ultimate sociopath. Or is it psycho-path. He speaks of the way that things are, but little of the revenge, coersion and lies that he so actively indulges in.
Maybe he has no choice, you say?

Yeah. Right.

If the island, apparently won't allow Ben to kill Widmore, then it isn't done with him yet. Richard Alpert instructs John that his people need to come back after John's time flashes begin.

But How did Richard Tell John that John had told him that he was shot 'already', An instant memory that John doesn't share?
'You will', Richard replies to Locke. John has just been shot, or only his consciousness had jumped? When 2007 Locke returned, he must've looked at his leg and said, 'where's the bullet hole from where Ethan just shot me?'. Ethan shoots him, I thought, at the beginning of the time jumps.


Just A Few Thoughts on LOST

Comments and Predictions

Some food for thought...

The Truce gets Violated
Trespass- Paul and Amy's picnic location (truce violation)
Death/Murder- Paul's Death (truce violation*)
*Sawyer interfered, not bound by truce
Death/Murder of 2 Others- ruled Self Defense
(truce violation*)
fine/penance=Paul's Body

Thanks to i don't exactly how innocent Ben...
Who will everyone think sent that burning van to engulf the house in fire?
The Others (truce violation*)
*Sayid's presence interferes with however long Ben was 'patient' per Richard Alpert's instructions. Because Richard is certainly going to take the blame for this. Ben was a 'stuff' starter then.

Come on, didn't you even feel a little sense of wonderment at the thought that Ben Linus had never come along to confuse you and mislead you through veils of lies, webs sparkling with deliberate half truths and spins.

Sayid should be a little mad. Seriously, he may not 'like' killing, but once again in his life, with Ben he thought he was protecting innocent people. Just like Michael. And Widmore? The point of self defense is to allow the balance of karma if you ask me. It was only because you had to, thus the Crying Freeman does what he must. lol If anyone is familiar with a popular graphic novel about a man coerced into being an assassin by circumstance, fate, destiny, and just the right amount of free will and here is a man who has done what it took to be free but it meant the life of an assassin. And every time he kills, he can't help but cry a tear for that soul. Taking a life is some deep sh--. Just ask a soldier...

No, mature uber-worldly Ben played a dirty trick on Sayid. And Michael. And Juliet. And, as I have wondered for some time, Widmore...

The Watcher
Richard Alpert said that his people would require Justice. A man of hierarchy in commands, civilized society and from simpler times, have we seen him commit one act of Revenge? Force anyone who didn't want to stay, to stay on the isle? No.

Make the island do something it didn't want to do, like allow or help babies be born? No.

But seriously, that brings to mind another thought...
The Island Is Always Moving through time and space. That is sufficient to cover dimension-like, altered-thread type time/space travel. If Juliet was correct about the mother's bodies attacking the fetus when both conceived and born on the island and Ethan was born more than once that we've seen then,

it could be the disaster that happens to replace the Purge or still bring it about.

Perhaps the Ben went to the Others and told them that the DI had one of them captive and so they did create the burning bus of a distraction.

Was this the trick that Widmore spoke of?

Radzinky's threat to call the boats
Is it possible that Enter 77 summoned the Keamy expedition.

It seems like I remember a comment that I thought I heard Ben say during one episode around the time that Jack, Kate and Sawyer were captive on Hydra isle. To Juliet and someone else in what looked a lot like the multi monitored wall in the security station, "...they'll be coming...he'll want to talk to me now...". Remember that the implosion occurred simultaneously with the Pala Ferry scene and Michael's departure on a special bearing. The scene where he mutters this is the point at which he has time to react to it.

Sayid will Likely Seek Out Rousseau
She's a more likely candidate than the Others.

All Roads Lead Back to Ben
All roads lead back to Ben. The island won't let him die, I think. It would be very telling if it did. Now that he's back lying on that cot, what will he say to Locke. He feels a lot like Sayid when he sees Ben next. Because young Ben is not dead. No blood even spurted out when he was shot. lol

The Other Great Mind Screw

She will first be sure Jim cares as much as Sawyer did. Then she will say something like, "...but, we can't be together, you're with her...". I'm afraid that, along with a few other things that seem off, Sawyer seems to be returning to his old self. He's teetering anyway.

Other Things That Have Seemed Off
The DI Processing Center. Not so much that as the Pala Ferry dock. What happened to it? The bomb blew up on the freighter.

Why or how would the building sign or the DI pictures still be up in 2007 or 2004, for that matter? Have we seen the processing center before, in '04 I mean?

Why was that scene so eerie?

He's Our You
Had a lot of dark, foreboding scene atmospheres as well. Our fresh, bright island is becoming dark and foreboding. Eerie.

Change is in the air. And, sorry LaJuliers, LaFleur and Jules may be exactly what she asked "is it over...this, us...?"

But, make no mistake, what is supposed to happen will happen whatever path is taken.

Until next time,


Lost -he's our you


Since, I need somewhere to just say wtf,

with LOST just past the halfway mark Episode 10 of Season 5 may at first seem disappointing, but it was in fact, disturbing...

psychological mindscrews
Some characters tend to be good for excersizing some amazing psycho-connundrums that defy the imagination. This, to me, is the beauty of Lost.

Ben's mind screw on Sayid was as disturbing as Sayid's (almost) closed eye shooting of his future nemesis, exploiter and tormentor.

Will it change the future?
Ultimately no if you subscribe to Ms. Hawking's theory of universal course correction. In which case, no matter the path taken or the circumstances influenced, the "universe will course correct"; that "see that man with the red sock... that man will ultimately die". No matter the warning, interference or alteration, the universe will course correct.

"You must push that button...", however it is not pushing the button that brings the Oceanic flight 815 into the island's radar. The system failure at the Swan created the disruption of 815's equipment and caused them to turn south. But more on that later (this creates two questions for the people intentionally place on that plane,
if that was an accident, then does it 'always' happen
how did Ms Hawking know in '96 that that has to or needs to or 'always happens
the path will vary
-frank subbed as pilot
-Desmond not pushing the buttons
-the system failure at the Swan

Daniel is young, and not as personally familiar with the island, latin, and Richard Alpert's teachings. He believes the theory that what happened, happened and that's that. Perhaps there is more to it than that.

What his mother knows is that you can/could influence, delay, slightly alter or change things (hope), what is supposed to happen will happen (fate).

But, why does she need then, to 'convince' Desmond to return? Because it is his destiny.

A single thread or a record or CD that can be repeated, looped...
However time and spacetime and multi dimensional timelines work,
Just think, what if???!